• Success stories

    Over the years, we have seen how youth have benefited through these programs, and do well in society as independent adults.

  • Facilities and Benefits

    A scholarship agreement is signed with trainees and with their parents by SOS VTC for provision of training, food, uniforms and accommodation.

  • NVQ System

    As skills required for Industries are identified and consisted with skills those certified by NVQ system, it is the best fit to employ NVQ holders in their institutions.

  • What we do

    SOS Family Strengthening Programmes help keep children in the care of their family. We support disadvantaged families at risk.

  • Facilities and benefits

    12.02.2018 - Trainees are entitled to benefits of food, uniforms, household items,course stationary,bus fares, medical insurance,medical care,accommodation, along with fully equipped modern technological workshops, and library facilities. More
  • Success Rate - 88.60%

    31.01.2018 - We have up to 88.60% of success rate in our institution and each and every graduated trainees are integrated in to the On the job training. More
  • Why family matters - May 15 is International Day of the Family  @ k Iliveska

    Int'l Day of the Family - Why Family matters

    14.05.2013 - 14/5/2013 - A single parent living in poverty faces a five year struggle to regain of custody her daughter, who she loves dearly. The best interests of the child are paramount for all involved, including social workers at SOS Children’s Villages. More...