Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Report
The SOS Vocational Training Centre at Monaragala has been serving young girls and boys in and around Monaragala since year 2006 in the scheme of Vocational Trainings, offered in six different fields.
Our services are being provided to youth, especially of impoverished families, who seek to choose a career of their interest in order to establish themselves well in society as responsible and worthy adults. SOS Vocational Training Centre conducts its vocational training programs in certificate courses for Automobile Machine, Wood Craftsman – Furniture, Computer Applications Assistant, Electrician, Welder, and Baker. Finally the trainees sit the National Vocational Qualification Test, conducted by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission after completion of their required industrial training.

Amidst our heavy curriculum set forth to provide sound training for youth, in view of paving way for them to achieve their motives and objectives, safety is given a supreme priority. Thus measures are always being taken to ensure and assure highly compact safety procedures for all our trainees.
Vocational Training Programs conducted at SOS Vocational Training Centre, are different in genre. Most of the courses are to be dealt with hard material.  Trainees are also of different temperaments and dispositions. Still the demand and requirement is that all trainees enrolled, deal and encounter with tools and solid utensils and modernized machineries, which are complex by their outlook.        
The following depiction will outline what these training courses are.

The Auto Mobile Mechanic Course – training meant to orient youth to learn mechanical work. The Welder Course – It is for youth to be creative in their profession to match themselves with new technologies – a course that deals with iron and gas, and sparking fire. The Wood Craftsman (Furniture) Course is to mold carpenters and craftsmen to be   professionals. Trainees work with wooden material and sophisticated machinery, which are hazardous and risk prone. The Electrician Course is meant for youth who intend to master themselves in the electric field. Trainees are exposed to deal with electrical work of many sorts, such as wiring, middling with three phase voltages, devising electrical circuits and so on. The Baker Course is open for youth interested in cuisine and culinary. Trainee chefs are supposed to work with highly advanced cooking equipment, like sophisticated mixing machines, electrified ovens and so on.  
The entire atmosphere is technical and mechanical, and practically based on electro-machinery concepts. Risk elements are invariable therefore. Each department has its risk factors therefore. Careless handling of equipment, imprudent approaches to machines, inadequate knowledge in technology, and apprenticeship could be grounds for accidents of trainees during practical sessions in class. Certain departments are highly inflammable.

Instructor permitting a trainee to release the three phase power, controlled by a Heavy Duty Key Lock Switch, fixed for the purpose of safety.

To counteract such foreseen risky elements, SOS Vocational Training Centre has taken precautionary measures, to prevent its entire student body from danger. Every year, a Fire Fighting Program is conducted for trainees, to make them aware of firefighting techniques, how to evade such situations, how to treat victims in such accidents and so on, giving them first aid. Training is rather practical.   
Certain modern machineries are risk prone by their substance, for instance, multi-purpose machinery device, used in the Wood Craftsman Couse, which needs delicate handling. Steps have been taken to make trainees cautious, when using this machine. Likewise, trainees in the Electrical Course have a controller, specially devised to interrupt the flow of electrical energy in case of electrostatic intensities while on training.


SOS Vocational Training Centre gives priority to safety of its trainees. Their safety is highly guaranteed. Precautionary measures are taken to minimize accidents. Risky situations are brought low, by various means of safety tools, thus ensuring a danger free environment at SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala in Sri Lanka.

Written by Anton Narangoda
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