Story of Supun Manoj Priyadharshana

Successful Story Supun Manoj Priyadharshana. Contact number- 0715600242.
Supun Manoj Priyadharshana was a promising trainee who pursued his training at SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala in the field of Computer Applications Assistant. He hails from Okkampitiya, in Monaragala, in the Province of Uva. He did his schooling at Mahanama National School in Monaragala. Supun did his schooling up to G.C.E. (Advanced Level), sitting the Examination in year 2008. He was not able to qualify himself for university, and he was not in a position to repeat the GCE (Advanced Level) examination, due financial constraints in the family. His mother was helpless and was not able to afford his formal education, as his father had deserted their family when they were very young. His mother is a laborer working in a Paddy Mill in same village they live.

At last, Supun decided to employ himself in order to support his five-member family. He went to Colombo and worked in a company for some time as an ordinary helper. The money he was able to earn was not sufficient to sustain his poverty-stricken family. Thus he decided to come back to Okkampitiya to begin something of his own to help the family. Supun began farming at Okkampitiya, amidst difficulties. He could not continue farming for longtime, due to severe droughts and lack of water and financial constraints. Thus he decided to leave home once again, looking for some means to support himself. Supun finally decided to learn a vocational skill, entering a Vocational Training Centre somewhere to support himself and sustain his family. It was by this time that he heard about SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala.

He was motivated to learn computer at SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala. Spun was selected to computer course and gradually he was able to master himself in the field of computer with the support of his computer instructor and other colleagues at SOS VTC. Supun persevered in his training and completed the course successfully within six months in year 2009. He obtained the NVQ – Level 3 Certificate offered by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, proving his knowledge in the field of computer. Thereafter Supun moved to further education in the field of computer as he realize that he has a greater way to achieve in life, good employment, good family, and to look his innocent mother.

Thereafter he entered College of Technology in Badulla and followed NVQ level 4 and 5. Having completed NVQ level – 5 at the College of Technology in Badulla, he was fortunate enough to gain entrance to University of Vocational Technology at Ratmalana in Colombo in year 2013.

Now he has completed his degree in computer science. Currently he is employed at DMS computers private limited, as an IT executive and helpdesk Engineer and earns a salary of Rs. 25000.00. his ambition is to start a computer school of his own in his village in Okkampitiya.

He always recalls, disciplined life and free education at the SOS VTC Monaragala, changed his entire life. It was the SOS VTC that paved way for him to be success.
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