SOS International President’s Visit

SOS International President’s Visit to SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala
The President of SOS Kinderdorf International, Mr. Siddartha Kaul, visited Sri Lanka in early May in year 2014. The President visited the SOS Vocational Training Centre on May 06, 2014, as one of the focal agendas in his short itinerary in Sri Lanka this time. The President’s entourage included Dr. Gitta, Vice President, SOS Kinderdorf International, Mr. Ananda karunarathne, the National Director, SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka, and Mr. Divakar Ratnadurai, Deputy National Director, SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka.

The President and his entourage were welcomed with glamour and grandeur in proximity of the Vocational Training Centre entrance, and were led to the premises by procession embellished with cultural and Kandiyan dancing, accompanied with resonations of oriental percussionists.

To coincide with the memorable event, a series of exhibitions was organized by trainees of every department to depict and highlight the scopes of each respective course. This added a computer presentation by students of the ongoing computer course – an outline of their study program, at which a trainee delivered a salutatory speech on behalf of the student body to express their indebtedness especially to the President for his visit to the Vocational Training Centre and for all help he had been extending for the success of the Vocational Training Centre throughout, and the entire SOS Concept for the noble meritorious service that it does for children and youth to form and shape their lives in every way.

The cuisine and culinary were delectably demonstrated by the connoisseurs of the ongoing Baker Course.

Parents of present trainees and members of the Past Pupils’ forum were also present to witness the President’s visit to the Project. Certificates were awarded for trainees who had completed their training successfully last year. The Vice President Dr. Gitta encountered the past students and learnt how successful they had been in their respective careers by utilizing their refined expertise proficiently, following the training received at the SOS Vocational Training Centre. The Vice President was immensely impressed with the training programs being conducted at the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala and highlighted the importance of having such standard training programs for youth today.

To keep the memory of the event alive, a session of photography too was projected.      
The SOS KDI President’s visit to the SOS Vocational Training Centre was remarkable, as this was his first visit to the Project since his election as President of SOS Kinderdorf International.

Written by Anton Narangoda
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